Quran Research Group


The holly Quran is the greatest book on the earth, holding interesting sources of information, facts and related with hundreds of books. Many research groups from the entire world are studying this book and trying to reveal its secrets.

IT and all its related sciences can be used in studying Quran; the results could be used for enhancing the humanity knowledge.


Mahmoud Hasan Saheb

Manal Tamimi

Mohammad Dasht

Ezdihar Jawbreh

Suzan Sultan

Dia AbuZeina

Radwan Tahboub

Karim Tahboub

Taqei Aldeen Abdulbaset

Research Assistants:

Subha Abu Sabha

Samah Badawi

Ashar Natsheh


1-      Using the IT in serving Quranic research.

2-      Employ research results in other fields.

Links for research groups:

1.       http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/arabic/

2.       https://sites.google.com/site/anlprg/Thmes-de-recherche

3.       http://cqr.um.edu.my/

4.       http://corpus.quran.com/

5.       http://diae.net/11844



Conducted meetings:

1- Two organizational meetings

2- One public talk " Quranic research, problems and constraints"