The Software Engineering Research Group at PPU’s College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering conducts a research in the field of software engineering with current emphasis on automated software engineering, such as generating an analysis model from user requirements for the system in a semi-automated approach, and software testing. The group may also be engaged in developing software services that support research activities.

The holly Quran is the greatest book on the earth, holding interesting sources of information, facts and related with hundreds of books. Many research groups from the entire world are studying this book and trying to reveal its secrets.IT and all its related sciences can be used in studying Quran; the results could be used for enhancing the humanity knowledge. The aim of this group is  using the IT in serving Quranic research and employ research results in other fields.

The major objective of this group is to use informatics techniques and computer science algorithms to study and analyze the huge amount of the Omics data (genomics, proteomics, interatomic...etc.) that is related to HPI.

This research group is a multi-discplinary group, with the interest to research in e-learning quality. The aim of this group is to share and disseminate good padagogical practices in e-learning and to acheive collaboration on e-learning research.

The Computer Networks and Distributed Systems Research Group condcuts research in a variety of topics in networking and distributed systems. The group seeks a principled understanding of new and emerging areas through a complementary mix of theoretical and applied research.