Dean's Office

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of The College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering.
Information technology with its various branches is no longer a science or a separate field. We now live in a world in which most businesses and sciences are completely based, or at least partially based, on information and communication technology. The overlap of engineering, health and administrative disciplines with information technology has become indispensable. In this context, the College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering displays  ,within its primary mission, the preparation of graduates who possess a solid base of knowledge and necessary skills, whether to work in the industrial and service sector, or to practice academic and research work, in addition to communication skills, critical thinking and teamwork.
The college awards a bachelor's degree in three specializations: computer systems engineering, computer science, and information technology. It also implements, in coordination with the College of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, a master's program in Informatics. Furthermore, the PhD program in Information Technology Engineering has recently been accredited. Within the strategic vision of the university, which is based on entrepreneurship, creativity and enhancing competitiveness, the college works continuously to review and update the study plans for its specializations to ensure that they keep pace with rapid changes in technical trends and labor market demands.
The world is currently on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, based on the automation of businesses, industries and services using smart systems. In view of this, the College is working to keep pace with this trend, by developing its current programs and introducing new specialized programs, in addition to developing the supporting infrastructure.
It is worth mentioning here that the College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering has contributed, since its establishment, in boosting the relevant skills of its students in its various fields of specialization. Through its distinguished students, the College participated in various local and international programming competitions, and worked to transfer its expertise in this field to universities and educational institutions in the country through coordinating and supervising the international programming competition for universities and the Palestinian Olympics.
Thousands of distinguished students have graduated from this College since the start of awarding a bachelor's degree twenty-five years ago, and they have made outstanding successes in various fields of work. Many of the  graduates who hold high academic degrees and ranks are occupying positions in the most prestigious local and international universities, as well as many others who are leading positions in giant international companies.